It is very important to remember that you are in possession of a product constructed from stone that has sharp elements to its composition that can damage a surface it is placed upon if it is tipped, dropped or mishandled, etc. Also, oil used in this product can stain wood and other surfaces if spilled. It is the possessor's sole responsibility to place (or not place) some form of protective shield between this product and possessor's fine surfaces in case of oil spill. It is highly recommended by the manufacturer that oil dispensed in this product should be lit and consumed in its entirety during each lighting session. Please read "WHEN NOT IN USE" below for further elaboration. Every effort must be made by the possessor of this product to protect that which you cherish most. DO NOT LIGHT IN, ON, OR AROUND ANYTHING FLAMMABLE. PLEASE TREAT LIKE ANY OTHER LANTERN. DO NOT LET YOUR EARTHLIGHT GET WET.  IF LANTERN GETS WET, BRING IT INDOORS, PULL OUT WICK AND LET LANTERN AND WICK DRY. THE RESERVOIR AND SEAL ON THE BOTTOM CAN BE FRAGILE. HANDLE WITH CARE SO THE SEAL AROUND THE RESERVOIR IS NOT COMPROMISED AS TO PREVENT FUEL LEAKAGE.

It is best to allow this product to completely burn out the reservoir of oil during each use. Fill reservoir with only as much oil as expected to use during the current burn session. To eliminate the possibility of oil pooling on top the stone or dripping off the stone, burn reservoir completely out (best solution), or remove all wicks and store in a resealable plastic bag until the next use.

The height of the flame can be adjusted by allowing more or less wick to protrude out of glass collar. Adjust higher for a larger flame (wind resistance, but greater chance of smoke) or lower about flush with top of the tube (candle flame for smoke free indoor use). Liquid paraffin lamp oil should be used exclusively for indoor burning. Citronella lamp oil can be used outside. Pure plant based essential oils can be blended with liquid paraffin oil in your EarthLight, please make sure to test the extract to make sure it is compatible with the paraffin oil and doesn’t separate, only a few drops should be needed. When not in use outside, bring inside or cover and protect your EarthLight from the elements.

Remove the wick holder and wick together as one piece from the top of the EarthLight. Place the provided funnel in the hole and then dispense oil from measuring cup thru the funnel, slowly. It is suggested to only place an approximate amount of oil equivalent to the quantity of time you desire to burn your Earthlights Oil Candle.   DO NOT OVERFILL RESERVOIR.

Thank you, and enjoy your Earthlight!             Email: